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Please kindly fill out one form per participant.
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Your email address will be used as your log-in ID and receiving confirmation letter and notification from the ISFG 2017 secretariat. Once it is registered it can’t be changed.

Password asterisk * 6~20 characters.
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ISFG Member ID

※ As ISFG member, you can have benefit on reduced registration fees and receive FSI Genetics journal for free. If you are ISFG member, please use the same ISFG ID in order to verify. If not, you can be ISFG member through ISFG website. For more information of membership, please click here.

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Last Name asterisk First and last name will be printed on your name badge.
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※ 국문 성명을 입력해 주시기 바랍니다.
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Consent Form for Personal Information Collection

ISFG 2017 Secretariat is required to collect the following personal information from participants according to the Personal Information Protection Law of Republic of Korea. Personal information will be collected for the following purposes : logistic arrangements for hospitalities, security purposes in case of VIP attendances and other necessary uses for ISFG 2017.
Collected information: Name, Title, Department, Organization, Country, E-mail, Mobile Number
This consent is effective on the date and will be valid until September 2, 2018.

I understand and agree that ISFG 2017 Secretariat collect and use my personal information for the purpose above.


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