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E-Submission Guideline

Abstract submission deadline is APRIL 1, 2017.
Please click here to download an abstract template with content guidelines.

Abstracts Submission Process

  • Step 1Log-in
  • Step 2Submission of
  • Step 3Reviewing
  • Step 4Notice of
  • Step 5Confirmation
  • All author's information must be included in both abstract submission online form and abstract complied with template. Therefore, all authors must sign up for ISFG2017 in order to include author’s information in submission online form.
  • Everything is automatically linked with the sign-up DB for efficient and accurate information management. It’s necessary for all authors to sign up individually so that their information can be included in author list. Once the authors complete their sign-up process, submitters can just search with the co-author’ name or email address and then add them in author list online.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed and can be published in FSI Genetics supplementary edition for ISFG Congress which will be issued after the congress.

Topics (Tentative)

  • Topic 01 Population Genetics
  • Topic 02 X-Chromosome Variation
  • Topic 03 Ethical and Legal Issues
  • Topic 04 Lineage Markers
  • Topic 05 Massively Parallel Sequencing
  • Topic 06 New Technologies
  • Topic 07 Predictive DNA Analysis
  • Topic 08 DNA Typing Methods
  • Topic 09 DNA Databases
  • Topic 10 Body Fluids Identification
  • Topic 11 Touch DNA
  • Topic 12 NDVI Human Remains
  • Topic 13 Biostatistics
  • Topic 14 Paternity
  • Topic 15 Forensic Biology
  • Topic 16 Legal Medicine
  • Topic 17 Non-Human DNA
  • Topic 18 Quality Control

Submission Guideline

  • 1)It is the responsibility for the authors to ensure the accuracy of the abstract.
  • 2)After the abstract is submitted by online, authors can edit and/or modify their submitted abstract and information at ‘MY PAGE’ by the abstract submission deadline.
  • 3)Only abstracts submitted by online submission form will be sent to Abstract Review Committee for the review. Abstracts submitted by fax or e-mail will not be accepted.
  • 4)Abstract Submission Acknowledgement will be sent to the presenting author via e-mail.
  • 5)All presenting authors of accepted abstracts are required to register online. Please refer here for more details information regarding online-registration.
  • 6)Composition of abstract
    1. Please use MS-Word (97 or 2003 version).
    2. Size of paper should be 297mm in length and 210mm in width (A4 Size).
    3. Paper margin should be 25mm (up, down, left, right).
    4. Abstract should take the form of a paragraph of 250 words, excluding title, authors’s information. Abstracts exceeding the word limit will be returned.
    5. Font should be Arial with single line spacing for whole document.
    6. Type all text (title, body and reference) in 12point letters.
    7. Type the title with capital letters, bold face and centered, followed by (O) for an oral presentation or (P) for a poster session.
    8. Author(s) and Affiliation(s) should be capital and small letters and centered. There should be one-space between the title and the author’s name.
    9. Presenter’s name should be underlined. Write the name of author(s) in order of first name and last name.
    10. For a new paragraph, do not tab over or indent. Main body should contain the substantial points of the paper you will be presenting at ISFG 2017.
    11. References shall contain a list of references and leave a black line between main body and reference.
  • 7)Withdrawal of Abstracts
    If the presenters of accepted abstract do not register by online registration deadline, their abstract will be automatically withdrawn from the final program. If you must withdraw an abstract, please notify the Secretariat in advance.
  • 8)Even if you have submitted an abstract to an oral presentation type, presentation type may change after the abstract review.

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